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Mindray M9

Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

Premium Capability Easy Mobility

Best of Performance and Portability

Mindray’s amazing new hand-carried ultrasound system M9 provides a more precise and professional performance for cardiologists.
Equipped with Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform mQuadro and 3T transducer technology with single crystal, unique Echo Boost™ , and exclusive HDR Flow technology, the M9 offers the most advanced and accurate performance for scanning of difficult patients.
Rich in comprehensive solutions such as premium left ventricular opacification, professional Tissue Tracking quantitative analysis, intelligent Ejection Fraction measurement, smart doppler, and dedicated off-line research and analysis workstation UltraView, the M9 is the ultimate professional partner you can rely on.

Precise at an all new level


Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform mQuadro consists of an industry-leading hardware architecture, advanced transmission and reception, powerful parallel processing, and intelligent algorithms that combine to give the M9 both better penetration and higher resolution, greatly enhancing the diagnostic experience.

3T Transducer Technology with Single Crystal

Equipped with Mind ray’s unique 3T transducer and enhanced with single crystal technology, the new M9 improves acoustic transmission efficiency and offers better penetration and color dynamic fiow

Echo Boost™

Mindray’s exclusive new breakthrough image processing empowered by mQuadro platform provides better contrast and homogeneity for visualization of myocardial tissue layers.

Professional with a unique focus

Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis

Supported by Mindray’s unique 3T technology with single crystal, the M9 significantly improves tracking accuracy and effectiveness. With the unique added benefit of on-site analysis, the TT-QA can be performed at the bedside, saving time and simplifying challenging diagnoses.


Intelligent AutoEF measurement

Supported by Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform, the M9 provides an intelligent way to analyze 2D echo clips to automatically recognize diastole/systole frames and output EDV/ESV/EF results by Simpson method.

Auto EF

LVO with Stress Echocardiography

M9’s premium capabilities allow LVopacification during stress, enhancing discrimination between myocardial tissue and blood pool, providing better visualization of the endocardium.

  • Customizable user protocols
  • Large capacity for retrospective and continuous clip capture
  • Flexible Wall Motion Scoring
  • Comprehensive reporting package
LVO with Stress Echo

Smart Doppler

Smart Doppler automatically optimizes PW
steer and correct angle, significantly reducing repetitive operations and allowing more focus on the patient diagnosis.

Ultra View off-line WorkStation

With convenient patient management, comprehensive analysis tools and streamlined connectivity, the UltraView offers a profes-
sional research and study workstation for cardiologists

Easy Mobility

M9’s highly mobile, slim and smart design permits easy transportation and storage. Be it cart or table mounted, M9 can be used limitlessly across multiple clinical scenarios.

Innovative Crafted Unit

  • Thin Magnesium-alloy body
  • 15.6”LED HD monitor with slim design
  • Built-in battery providing 90min scanning time
  • High capacity SSD Hard drive make patient data more safe

Customized Special Design Trolley

  • Inbuilt quick & easy locking system
  • iPower: over 3.5 hours scanning with trolley mounted battery pack

Green All The Way

  • Noiseless system
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Reliable RoHS certified materials

Clinical Images