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Mindray MX7

To provide the accurate, efficient and timely scanning for patients, portable ultrasound system becomes increasingly popular for mobile applications. Such as for private office, specialty clinics, hospital bedside, and even some emergency rescues.

MX7 facilitates accurate diagnoses based on the leading-edge ZST+ platform while supporting efficient workflow with total customizable touch screen, lightest compact main unit and super-long 8h battery time empower usage at any mobile clinical environment, advanced functions and analysis tools can be incorporated into your daily routine.

MX7 is going to be your handy assistant wherever you go.

Trustworthy imaging

Reliable image is always the key in ultrasound examination. With revolutionary, software-based beamformer technology, ZST+, the MX7 System combines best-in-class image quality to help ensure reliable and efficient diagnosis during the most challenging exams.

First laptop-based ultrasound powered by ZST+

The MX7 series is the first portable unit to be powered by our innovative ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST+), enabling advanced imaging capabilities and expanded feature sets in a more compact design.

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition
Dynamic Pixel Focusing

Dedicated and professional solutions

Under different scenarios, the dedicated configuration and conditions are needed to complete the exam smoothly. With the variable configuration, MX7 can be applied to multiple applications such as general imaging, cardiovascular and OBG applications.

Dedicated General Imaging solution

As the most conventional ultrasound application, general imaging requires accurate and valuable information during scanning. With the Natural Touch Elastography, Contrast Image and iNeedle+ on MX7, the GI exam can be performed smoothly and precisely.

Ultra Wideband Non-linear contrast imaging

The UWN+ contrast image on MX7 enables to detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generate the significantly enhanced images in better sensitivity, With minor signals and longer agent duration under lower MI.

Natural Touch Elastography

Based on Mindray’s latest patented technology, natural touch elastography reduces dependence on user’s operation technique, improving operator’s reproducibility for higher clinical utility with higher stiffness sensitivity and good stability and reproducibility.

Dedicated Cardiovascular solution

On MX7, plenty of advanced cardiovascular solution can be accessed easily, not only the most popular function TT QA, Auto EF and LVO, but also the distinctive ones, RIMT, RVQS.

Tissue Tracking Quantitative Analysis

Based on the excellent transducer technology, MX7 significantly improves the tracking accuracy and effectiveness. With the unique added benefit of on-site analysis, the TT-QA can be performed at the bedside, saving time and simplifying challenging diagnoses.


RF-data Based IMT on accurate real-time IMT measurement with high precision, real time and auto measurement, can improve early diagnosis of CVDs and improve the effectiveness of pharmacy treatment follow-up

Dedicated OBG solution

With the wide angle (190 degree) endocavity probe and Smart OB function, MX7 delivers the smart solution for OBG applications.

Smart OB

Helps you measure fetal parameters automatically, The system will trace and calculate the BPD, OFD, HC , AC and FL after one click, providing you with higher effciency during OB examination.

Clinical Images

Adult Cardiac
M mode
Tricuspid Regurgitation Thyroid
Carotid duplex
Carotid & Jugular vein
Thyroid nodule
Hepatic vein
Renal perfusion

Intuitive interface

Efficiency always be important in the mobile environment. especially under emergency situation, to have a simplify, immersed interface and smooth workflow will be a great help to save patients’ life. On MX7, with the best inventive and interactive design, MX7 provide you the best user experience on efficiency. Meanwhile, the three screens, user-centric and user-define layout, ensure all the information can be get in the intuitive way.

Intuitive Information Presentation – Three screens design

The design of multiple screens on MX7 provides more viewpoint, easy to get more information with less steps. User-define touch screen simplifies the workflow, reduces the key strokes. 0-185° free tilting angle ensures the image can be read from any angle you need.

User-centric design – Advanced, professional and ease of use

User-dene layout

Convenient and agile mobility

Thin, light, powerful

The MX7’s main unit, with a 3kg weight and 44mm thickness, provides the extreme experience for mobility. Besides of the compact design, it is also embedded with a powerful inner core.

Advanced Battery Solution

Adaptively interconnected with U-Bank, support 8h continuous scanning, providing one day scanning companion. U-Bank can beused embedded with trolley, or connected with main unit directly.

Medical-grade magnetic power socket

  • Simple to connect
  • Prevents cable strain